Month: August 2016

Lawmakers Need To Take a Stand on Marijuana Legalization

If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention, you may have heard a little talk on cannabis. Specifically, the lieutenant governor, Gavin Newson who praised other state officials to take a stand on the issue of legalization of recreational marijuana. We can understand why Gavin Newsom is getting tired of being the only state official in the state of California to fully, outwardly and publicly endorse the legalization of recreational marijuana in California. According to him, “What we’re doing to criminalize the drug is not working…And the drug is ubiquitous. Every young person would say it’s easier to...

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Extreme Makeover: Dispensary Edition

Cannabis dispensaries across the United States are getting completely revamped and redesigned. Pot shops’ concerns are shifting from strictly the concern about DEA raids and federal seizures, to high-end fixtures and LED lights. They’re even hiring interior designers and architects. They are truly becoming designer dispensaries. Why? Back in 2014, a marijuana industry publicist controversially toldĀ The New York TimesĀ that dispensaries “…look like underground abortion clinics.” Obviously, this was a wake-up call. Even someone within the industry said this! But now that they are getting things figured out, and compliance in order, they can focus on other things, such as...

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