Cannabis dispensaries across the United States are getting completely revamped and redesigned.

Pot shops’ concerns are shifting from strictly the concern about DEA raids and federal seizures, to high-end fixtures and LED lights. They’re even hiring interior designers and architects. They are truly becoming designer dispensaries. Why?

Back in 2014, a marijuana industry publicist controversially toldĀ The New York TimesĀ that dispensaries “…look like underground abortion clinics.” Obviously, this was a wake-up call. Even someone within the industry said this! But now that they are getting things figured out, and compliance in order, they can focus on other things, such as design.

So, the industry is maturing. And they are now trying to create a retail experience that measures up to shops in any other industry. Just like retail shops in other industries, shoppers are wanting an “experience” or else they will simply shop online.

While marijuana users cannot buy cannabis online legally, there are many new cannabis markets that would never even consider purchasing from an “underground abortion clinic.” The stoner stigma is gone, and now “normal people” are wanting to try the legalized, medicinal substance.

So, dispensaries are beginning to realize that they must cater to this new and growing market of…well…everyone.