Enedina Stanger is among few that have been battling the rare disorder Ehlers-Danlos their whole life. Ehlers-Danlos is a genetic disorder that attacks the connective tissues leaving the body bound to a wheelchair while creating a daily battle with dislocations and muscle spasms.

The only cure that Stanger has found to this day to stop the spasms and cramps has been medical marijuana. After being sentenced probation and parenting classes for possessing marijuana while her daughter was in the car in Utah, she knew something needed to change.

Knowing that both of her daughters, 3 and 4 years old, have the condition lead Stanger and her husband to pack up the car with only one plan in mind: to move to Colorado. Colorado’s current laws on both medicinal and recreational marijuana have been attracting a number of visitors and new residents. These laws have created jobs that did not even exist before and because of that, have shot up home prices by double digits. Until other states start picking up recreational laws, Colorado plans to continue to see an increase in population.

Although their daughters don’t need medication for the disease at this stage, Stanger and her husband hope that laws regarding medicinal marijuana in Utah will soon change so they can return home. Ehlers-Danlos is just one of many diseases that has reaped the positive benefits of medical marijuana and Stanger is among many looking for a way to keep the pain away.