If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention, you may have heard a little talk on cannabis. Specifically, the lieutenant governor, Gavin Newson who praised other state officials to take a stand on the issue of legalization of recreational marijuana.

We can understand why Gavin Newsom is getting tired of being the only state official in the state of California to fully, outwardly and publicly endorse the legalization of recreational marijuana in California.

According to him, “What we’re doing to criminalize the drug is not working…And the drug is ubiquitous. Every young person would say it’s easier to get marijuana than alcohol” And we know in the case of Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, it is more difficult for teens to get their hands on cannabis.

It’s not an issue you can just remain silent about. Because it’s not just a marijuana issue. According to Newsom, “This is a social justice issue. It’s an economic justice issue. It’s a racial justice issue.” And the benefits to legalization are manifold: reducing the influence of drug cartels, creating stronger regulation to prevent underage kids from easily buying marijuana, and mitigating the harmful effects of prohibition on communities of color.

Coming up this November, Californians will be voting on legalizing recreational marijuana, allowing people over the age of 21 to posses, use and transport up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational use. Furthermore, Democrats approved a party platform that for the first time includes a pathway to legalizing recreational marijuana – which is a major symbolic victory.