We have recently seen a number of major companies enter the marijuana industry, including Microsoft; some are asking is the global technology giant, Google the latest to enter this budding industry?

There are some signs that suggest this California-based company is exploring the opportunity of working with cannabis businesses. At a recent event for Congressman Jared Polis (a longtime supporter of the marijuana industry), an executive of LivWell disclosed Google’s interest in the cannabis industry.

LivWell’s CEO, John Lord told the audience at this event that Google recently contacted him to see how Google could help serve the industry. This clearly indicates that they are interested in, or at least talking about how they can jump in this new industry and new market.  This call came through not long after Kind (a marijuana industry business) announced their partnership with the software giant Microsoft.

However, as of this point in time, there has not been any communication beyond this, and Google has not responded to requests to comment.

But if Google were to get involved in the marijuana industry, it would likely provide a massive boost to cannabis businesses. Due to the size and visibility of Google, their involvement would attract a lot of attention. Furthermore, getting involved with LivWell would be a major statement. Unlike the other corporate partnerships and business ventures, LivWell actually sells (both medical and recreational) marijuana – the other marijuana-related firms don’t actually touch the marijuana.

Besides just the attention Google’s involvement would attract, it would help the cannabis industry in a few other ways too. Google’s advertising services would be among the services that cannabis companies might find helpful.

It could even reduce the corporate cannaphobia of other corporations, such as Facebook and Instagram. Google’s involvement in the industry would certainly encourage other companies to do the same. And as more and more companies get involved, the industry will grow, taking a big step toward normalization.