Month: February 2016

Officers On the Lookout for Stoned Drivers

In states where marijuana is legalized recreationally (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska), the state must regulate marijuana as they do alcohol. Similar to alcohol, marijuana can also have dangerous consequences behind the wheel. Since identifying a stoned drive is much harder than identifying if a driver is drunk, police are having a hard time coming up with a set system for the matter. Although there is a class for officers to become “drug recognition experts”, there still is nothing that can compare to a breathalyzer for alcohol. This puts more pressure on the officer’s intuition than hard facts, raising...

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The Pot Rush of the Next Century

On November 6th 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64, making history by being the first state in the U.S to legalize marijuana for recreational use. To this day, twenty-three states and Washington, D.C have passed laws allowing for the use of marijuana either medically, recreationally, or both. People are calling this movement the “pot rush”, and imagining it as if the industrial age slammed into the dot come era. Many people are excited to reap the benefits that new legalization has the potential to bring both medically and financially, but others are worried about the lack of research that is...

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Women Entrepreneurs are Taking a Lead in the Cannabis Boom

In 2015, the cannabis industry was estimated at $5.4 billion and it is continuing to grow at a rapid speed. This is becoming more and more attractive for female entrepreneurs who see the possibilities that are to come in the cannabis industry. Since the industry is so new, there are few barriers to entry, especially for women. Another factor that separates the cannabis industry from many others is that it is not as heavily skewed toward men, making it easier again for women to rise to the top. The national average for women in executive roles is stuck at 22%,...

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2015 Brings New High for Legal Marijuana Sales

2015 was a record breaking year for cannabis sales, climbing to $5.4 billion which is a 17.4 percent increase from $4.6 billion in 2014. These numbers combine medicinal and recreational sales from the year. The explosive increase is a factor of four states and the District of Colombia legalizing marijuana for recreational use over the past year or two. Specifically, recreational sales hit $998 million, jumping up from a mere $351 million in 2014. Many other states are paying close attention to these numbers when deciding what issues to put on their ballots for the coming 2016 election. States like...

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