In 2015, the cannabis industry was estimated at $5.4 billion and it is continuing to grow at a rapid speed. This is becoming more and more attractive for female entrepreneurs who see the possibilities that are to come in the cannabis industry.

Since the industry is so new, there are few barriers to entry, especially for women. Another factor that separates the cannabis industry from many others is that it is not as heavily skewed toward men, making it easier again for women to rise to the top.

The national average for women in executive roles is stuck at 22%, where as the current average for women executives in the cannabis market is at 36%. Although the evidence is often hard to find, it is clear that more and more women are getting their foot in the door.

There are now even networking events directed specifically to women in the cannabis industry, and this is expected to grow nationwide.

There is nothing but opportunity in this industry and women are beginning to see that and take action. The possibility for such growth will bring innovation and new ideas worldwide.