Month: July 2016

Is Google Preparing to Work in the Cannabis Industry?

We have recently seen a number of major companies enter the marijuana industry, including Microsoft; some are asking is the global technology giant, Google the latest to enter this budding industry? There are some signs that suggest this California-based company is exploring the opportunity of working with cannabis businesses. At a recent event for Congressman Jared Polis (a longtime supporter of the marijuana industry), an executive of LivWell disclosed Google’s interest in the cannabis industry. LivWell’s CEO, John Lord told the audience at this event that Google recently contacted him to see how Google could help serve the industry....

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Democratic Platform Meeting Calls For a Pathway to Marijuana Legalization

  As we previously noted, it seems surprising that the 2016 Presidential candidates had not included much marijuana rhetoric in their speeches, considering the unanimous support of legalization across the country. But marijuana legalization is something that is starting to get discussed more and more at the federal level. Public opinion has quickly changed on the subject – in just 30 years, the percentage of Americans that believe marijuana should be legal has increased from 12% to over half of the population.¬†Furthermore, over half of the states allow the use of medical marijuana, and more and more states are...

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Cannabis Week In Review

Medical marijuana campaigns slug it out, California considers going rec, Colorado anti-cannabis campaigns, and a new study on Alzheimer’s disease. This was a pretty big week for cannabis. If you haven’t kept up with your marijuana news this week…here’s what you’ve missed. MAD in Arkansas? This November, residents of Arkansas may be confronting two very different ballot measures to legalize medical marijuana. We say it could be MAD in Arkansas, because the two measures are not only different, but they’re competing with one another – which could very easily lead to mutually assured destruction. This week, the Secretary of...

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