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Marijuana Entrepreneurs – Guess What? They Are Women

Numbers would seem to bear those sentiments out. According to Marijuana Business Daily, women make up about 36 percent of executives in the legal-marijuana industry, compared to about 22 percent of senior managers in other industries. Women hold just 4.2 percent of the CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. At tech companies like Google and Twitter, disproportionately few executives and engineers are women. “It’s a new chance for many women who have been in the corporate world who couldn’t get to the next level,” said Becca Foster, an independent consultant with Healthy Headie, an in-home cannabis shop co-founded by Holly Alberti-Evans that goes by...

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New Marijuana Laws – Is Cannabis Finally Legal In The USA?

According to the Santa Monica Observer: “The DEA will officially reclassify cannabis as a prescription-only, Schedule II drug on Aug. 1, 2016, a report published a few hours ago claims. If true, that means medical marijuana could be legal by prescription — and perhaps only by prescription — in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the US territories” regardless of any current individual state cannabis legislation. In speaking with Richard Batenburg, Jr, the fund manager with Cliintel Capital Group, he had the following observations: “I’m aware of no cannabis legislation that passed the first time it was...

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Cannabis Company MassRoots Rejected By NASDAQ

This week, MassRoots Inc. (MSRT), one of the biggest and fastest expanding technology platforms for the marijuana industry, received notification that NASDAQ had denied the Company’s application for listing. MassRoots, which launched in 2013, models itself as a Facebook for cannabis users. It also allows weed in its workplace. The Company filed for an up listing from the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board to NASDAQ in August 2015 — the NASDAQ approval process usually takes just 4-6 weeks. The Company was hoping to be the first cannabis company to list on NASDAQ. Isaac Dietrich, co-founder of MassRoots, said, “With this decision, we believe that the NASDAQ has set...

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