Back in 2012, John Hickenlooper was openly opposed to the legalization of marijuana in his state of Colorado. But it looks like that has changed.

Let’s talk about why. Cannabis is a billion dollar industry and is earning the state a great deal of tax dollars. Furthermore, Colorado has one of the lowest unemployment rates at only 4.2%. There is no question that this new, budding industry is helping Colorado tremendously.

But it’s not just helping the economy, it’s helping the socially too. Now people don’t have to worry about people losing their jobs and their livelihoods over having even a small amount of marijuana. But more importantly, it is safer. People now know where exactly they are getting their cannabis from.

But ultimately, we get it – Hickenlooper was in a tricky situation. His state was undergoing the legalization of a Federally illegal substance. However, it looks like now that everything is starting to work out, and he no longer wishes that voters hadn’t approved legalization.

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