Native Roots in Colorado Springs is redefining convenience for the marijuana industry. “Gas and Grass” is the first gas station to open adjacent to a Native Roots medical marijuana dispensary.

Customers can now fill up their gas tanks and buy medicinal marijuana all in one stop, enticing those looking for ease and convenience.

Colorado has clearly defined its rules regarding what pot shops can and cannot sell. They are not permitted to sell products not associated with marijuana, and because of this, the gas station and pot shop have two distinct entrances.

Similar to what grocery stores have done with gas stations, Native Roots is now offering discounts on gasoline per visit to its medical marijuana customers. By registering their medical card with Native Roots, they will receive a free tank of gas, as well as a discount card for each visit following. This type of marijuana related loyalty program is something that we should expect to see much more of in the coming months.

Outside of those looking to purchase marijuana based products with their gas, the gas station itself will still be open to the public at standard prices.

Gasoline is one of the first markets to use this edge of “two in one” convenience to their advantage, but many other industries may begin to catch on to the same business.