MassRoots, Inc. has been compared to today’s ‘Facebook’ for cannabis consumers, reaching a huge number of people across the nation. The company is now filing an offering to sell stock with hopes that the NASDAQ will approve the listing.

The social network has been around since April of 2013 and started simply as an online community for people that smoke cannabis.

The company has grown its following over the years and now has 775,000 users and 380,000 followers on Instagram.

MassRoots, Inc. has offered an outlet to people who do not feel comfortable with posting their cannabis consumption habits on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. There are also recent issues with users posting pictures of marijuana on platforms such as Facebook for legal reasons.

NASDAQ has yet to comment on the status, as the company is still under review. Since the drug is still a schedule 1 drug and federally illegal, there is the possibility that NASDAQ could turn them down for “aiding and abetting” to illegal activity.