In Ontario, the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) is your place to go to buy any sort of alcohol. There has been recent suggestion that it may be the place to go to buy marijuana once it becomes legal too. Is Canada ready for this two for one superstore?

There has already been politician approval to sell pot in these provincially regulated liquor stores once it becomes legal. However, not everyone is on board. Those for the idea of selling marijuana here are taking into consideration the fact that these stores can only sell to people of a legal age and that practice would still have to be employed for cannabis.

The premier herself had the same thoughts stating, “The LCBO is very well-suited to put in place the social responsibility aspects [needed]”. The thought of being able to purchase both alcohol and pot in one place excites many of Ontario’s residents.

Other residents, however, have a different view of the issue. Some are making the point that LCBO already has one monopoly (liquor), so why should it have the right to take over two? There is also the worry that a store such as LCBO will ultimately hurt the customer unless it completely changes
its staff to be fully aware of both the liquor and available strains and varieties of marijuana. Employees at current medical marijuana dispensaries say they already have the expertise of the product as well as the infrastructure, so why should they stop doing what they’ve been doing for years?

Both views on the issue raise good questions that will need to be addressed if followed through. As of now, the majority of Ontario residents favor the idea of selling marijuana in dispensaries (57% approved) as opposed to in LCBO stores (44% approved), with selling at convenience stores being the least popular choice (80% disapproved).

Watch below to learn more about how marijuana may change these Canadian superstores.