In California, a new state law will allow cannabis businesses to turn a profit- something that has been forbidden since 1996, when California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Alongside this law, limits on the number of plants that farmers can grow will be eliminated.

Both of these laws are creating somewhat of a frenzy in California, as people across the nation are attempting to get their hands dirty in whatever way possible into this new industry of legalized, large-scale marijuana farming.

Legalization of recreational marijuana also looks promising for the 2016 election, expanding the possibility of profits far beyond what grows and dispensaries today are seeing.

The price of land where cannabis growing is allowed has already tripled over the last few weeks, and is expected to continue to increase.

Some are worried that this corporate money will squeeze out both the small growers and the hippie values that bring a cultural add-on to the society, but others are thrilled about the job opportunities that are to come.