Expert on big data in the marijuana industry spoke on Free Marijuana Podcast’s latest episode, explaining just how big data can help the cannabis industry.

Many of us have become familiar with the term big data over the last few years, but few of us have seen it really play a role when it comes to marijuana and the industry behind it.

So, expert Tony explains it in the simplest way possible for us on this podcast.


What does data analytics in the cannabis industry mean?

Simply put, experts are taking what they know about data analytics and applying it directly to the marijuana industry whether that be a grow or a cannabis dispensary. With the cannabis industry being so new and many businesses beginning from the ground up, there are still many ways to make these companies more efficient and many areas where they can save money.

One example of this can be seen through plotting actual sales of the pot and determining which times may be considered “peak times” and what strains may sell better when. You can then use this information to adjust staffing and save money on basic business processes.

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