The snowstorms have been hitting the East Coast hard this year and people have been stocking up on necessities to get them through the cold. In Washington, one item is new to this year’s checklist: weed.

Marijuana drinks, cookies, brownies, and other edibles have been making their delivery rounds in Washington to prepare for the storms ahead. Since legalization last year for Washington, some business owners are using the weather point as a critical selling point.

When stuck in the house because of the snowstorms, many Washingtonians couldn’t think of anything better than food, water, Netflix and weed.

Recreational marijuana legalization rules in Washington are similar to those in other states that have legalized marijuana for the same use. You have to be 21 or older, can only possess up to two ounces at once, can smoke or grow at a private home only, and cannot sell marijuana under any circumstances.

Since stuck in their houses, residents are finding this a great time to legally smoke and stay warm.