A recent Marijuana Podcast answers the question that many people have been wondering over the last few years: who can legally sell marijuana?

According to attorney, Marc Schtul, you cannot sell quantities of marijuana if you are not licensed to sell.

With that said, there are still many people out there who act as brokers, connecting people that have the supply to people who need the supply.  Compensation has been paid for this, which raises many questions from the Colorado MED (Medical Enforcement Division).

Although introduction between entities is perfectly fine in this scenario, it is the ones who are taking a fee who seem to be walking a thin line (including websites who are now saying they want to accommodate both buyers and sellers).

Websites become a tricky player in this game seeing that they can sell brokerage type services as “advertisements”. The laws still continue to fluctuate, but for now, the actual sale of the crop of marijuana is illegal to anyone without a license.

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