Patients are continuing to vouch for marijuana, saying that is has helped them drop their habit with painkillers. Lawmakers are intrigued by the growing statistic, as marijuana could soon be seen as an alternative to painkillers.

The only problem with this hypothesis is the lack of substantial marijuana research needed to back any necessary facts up.

Since there is not enough hard evidence to prove that cannabis may aid in weaning people off of various opiods, many medical professionals say they cannot confidently prescribe it.

Most states with legalized medical marijuana allow it for a lost of specific conditions. Getting on that list in crucial and has resulted in a tug of war in many states.

This month, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana.

The states seeing the heaviest hit with opiod addictions are pushing heavily to get the marijuana research going in hopes that they can eventually push a healer to the killer of these opiods.