McAlpine and Williams are over the propaganda that cannabis and athletics don’t mix. Their goal is to de-stigmatize marijuana use in a manner that breeds respect. High athletic performers and marijuana; the two are not mutually exclusive.

To do so, they’re opening Power Plant Fitness, the world’s first cannabis gym – where you can smoke while you work out. They encourage smoking marijuana while working out, as it gets you stoked for your workout. And these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to fitness – Ricky Williams used cannabis during his 11 years as an NFL runningback and Jim McAlpine, advocates for it too.

Since his retirement from football in 2011, Williams has been dedicated to exonerating cannabis. He teamed up with McAlpine to reeducate those that have been misled to believe that cannabis users are lazy lumps and to reintegrate cannabis in our rapidly approaching post-prohibition society.

Some say that this new cannabis gym could be as game-changing as stuffed crust pizza. So here’s a little more about the gym.

The Power Plant Fitness is a 6,000 square foot gym, right in the heart of San Francisco that is sure to become a national phenomenon. But the focus won’t just be on the cannabis. Members will undergo a performance assessment to help them foster good gym habits. Trained professionals will get your benchmark athletic performance, and then, using a bunch of charts and graphs, they’ll determine how you specifically can best use cannabis to perform.

On the cannabis side of things: Membership comes with a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana, after which point you’ll have to pass a doctor’s screening before getting your green card. Members will be able to vaporize inside and smoke outside on the balconies. And the gym will also have their own line of hand-crafted, vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar edibles – and even better? They will have pre and post-workout benefits.

Actual evidence of medical marijuana’s effectiveness in athletics is still a bit sparse, but as more and more research is being conducted, the potential advantages are becoming more and more clear. You can read more about the potential athletic benefits of cannabis use here.