Zoning changes for medical marijuana facilities in Phoenix, Arizona may be changing as the city prepares for a possible statewide vote to make recreational marijuana legal.

The city is currently proposing stricter regulations for new dispensaries, cultivation sites and infusion facilities which would make it even more difficult for these businesses to find operation space. These regulations include being further from places of worship, residential areas, day-care centers, homeless shelters and youth community centers.

These changes are being quickly driven by the city because Phoenix will see an act that could go to voters in November making cannabis legal to grow, buy and possess to adults 21 years of age or older.

These zoning requirements being proposed would then also be in order for recreational marijuana facilities come November.

With legalization happening so fast across the U.S, cities are realizing that they need to stop and be more cautious about how they treat these things. Making sure regulations are set up is just the beginning for this sort of change for the city.