Women Grow Seminar:

For the opening we had a guided meditation by owner and founder of twisted sister yoga, Shelly Jenkins. She teaches a yoga class that is for a dotation on Fridays and Sundays.  She is doing her first cannabis yoga retreat in June,(women only).

Next there was an introduction given by Ann Marie, Denver chapter chair of Women Grow. She focused on education, networking, and empowering women.

She made the comment that she wants to start main steaming marijuana education because it is not being done. She touched on return on involvement rather than return on investment, and how being involved was so much more rewarding. However her main focus was on obtaining more sponsors for Women Grow.

She introduced the next speaker who was from the company Jane. Jane is the main sponsor of women grow.  Jane was founded in 2014 to focus on the cannabis industry.  They help account for 100 % of your cash and inventory by offering financial services. They also offer classes and compliance services. At this particular meeting they showed us a self-service kiosk for dispensary use. With the kiosk it offers an option to round up your transaction to the nearest dollar and donate your remainder to any charity of your choice.

Altitude was next up. They are a dispensary with 3 locations, About to have a grand opening for a fourth location. They are focusing on “giving back to the community” Promotions. The grand opening promotion will be buy a gram and get a tree planted in the Rockies.

Next was Ray of hope. They are a cancer foundation that provides money and services to people on a fixed income diagnosed with cancer. They are looking for donations and sponsors. Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation was established as the Raymond Wentz Foundation in late 2002 by oncologist Dr. David Schrier in memory of his patient, Ray. To date, they have given over $3 million in financial assistance to over 4,000 cancer patients in every corner of Colorado.  We hope to hear from these people on a Marijuana Podcast

After that Micelle Ross spoke. She is the CEO of a non-profit organization called Impact network. She founded the Impact Network in 2014 in order to form a global nonprofit organization for patients with endocannabinoid deficiency diseases. They are looking for funding. The goal of the Impact Network is to research the contribution of endocannabinoid deficiency to disease and aging, develop logical treatment plans for each disease and patient, and ensure patients don’t give up treatment due to lack of support. They also provide healthcare professional education and educational media. Through research, publications, and normalization of cannabis patients, the Impact Network provides support to the global cannabis legalization movement. On April 9th she is having a seminar on cannabis and neuroscience.

Terri Robnett was the next speaker. She is the president of cannabis patient alliance. These are the wonderful people that actually go fight and lobby for legalizing to congress. Cannabis Patients Alliance is an alliance of patients, families, organizations, businesses, advocates, activists and other supporters who work together to protect and advance the rights of patients who choose to use medical cannabis (marijuana) to treat whatever their condition may be. Cannabis Patients Alliance is the most effective political voice for medical marijuana patients in Colorado.

Stacey Linn Spoke next. She is the chapter chair for cannamoms canability foundation. Their goal is to provide awareness of, education about, and access to alternative & supplemental healthcare options for critically or chronically ill, medically-complex, and special needs children. Right now they are focusing on children being allowed cannabis in school for medical purposes.

The last speaker was Dr. Danielle Vergara. She is the CEO and co-founder of the agricultural genome foundation. She is looking for a person to fundraise for her for her genome research. The agricultural genome foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to understand the biology of new and emerging crops with industrial and medical value such as Cannabis and educate the public about the scientific findings. In collaboration with the Cannabis genomic initiative foundation, They intend to support the farming and medical communities by enhancing the cultivation of these crops in a variety of environments for their use in medicine and industry.

My take away:

*Women that grow is a network of women entrepreneurs looking to grow the marijuana industry with their area of expertise.

*Their main sponsor is JANE a mmj financial service company that has launched their self-service kiosk. With this kiosk dispensaries can have their customers check themselves in, order, and pay for their product.

*Most of the seminar was non-profit organizations looking for funding.