Most new reports, videos and photos of 4/20 events merely show the large crowds that gather. You see headlines similar to, “Thousands gather to celebrate smoking marijuana.” It can often be depicted as some sort of riot, uproar or disturbance. But you rarely see the cameras dig in the the crowd to see what goes on.

this is a typical crowd shot of a 4/20 event

This video from the Denver Post TV is one of the few I have seen that walks through the crowd, rather than just hovering on the outside.

There were advocates of marijuana education, friends gathering, people meeting new people, people creating art- drawing, painting, playing the guitar, the drums and other instruments. There were some throwing frisbees like any other day in the park. Some showing off their talents – like juggling (which sounds really difficult to do after smoking!).

It was really interesting to finally see some media that didn’t just show the crowd. It is more than just a bunch of people standing around smoking.

Now that both recreational and medical marijuana has been legalized in the state of Colorado, instead of advocating for legalization, people are advocating for new things: such as marijuana education. Perhaps this push for education is responsible for the decreased use and availability of marijuana to teens.