This week at the Republican National Convention, the world renowned Donald Trump will be crowned the party’s presidential candidate. Now that the Presidency of Donald Trump feels all too real, cannabis advocates are naturally starting to wonder…what is his stance on marijuana?

What His Website Says

Similarly to most of Trump’s other policies, the specifics are hard to really grasp (consistently anyway). Furthermore the “Positions” section on his website does not even breathe the word “cannabis.” But perhaps the “Issues” section can shed some light on his marijuana policy; this section contains a short video on the drug epidemic in New Hampshire. In the video, he promises to stem the flow of drugs from south of the border (with the Mexico-funded wall, of course), but neither gives specifics on what drugs he’s referring to nor offers any opinion on the legal cannabis already being grown right here in the U.S.

What He Used to Say

But this still remains ambiguous. So we will instead turn to his words. He has spoken about the subject in the past, but his opinions are far from real policy position. Back in 1990, he came out strongly in favor for legalizing…not just cannabis, but all drugs (so we are not sure if this can really be taken seriously).

But it is important to note that back in 1990, Trump was not running for office, and now, believe it or not, he is being a little more “politically correct” about the topic. He has stated that he is in favor of medical marijuana but remains on the fence in regards to recreational cannabis. At least that’s what it seems like – although it is difficult to tell his true position underneath all that wit.

What He Says Now

Back in February of 2016, Trump was asked about marijuana on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor. Bill O’Reilly straight-up asked, “what would The Donald do to stop the evil scourge of cannabis legalization?” Trump waffled, “I would, I would really want to think about that one, Bill, because in some ways, I think it’s good, and in other ways, it’s bad.”

What His VP Says

While he did pick a running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who is clearly anti-cannabis in all its forms, Trump has also shown that he cares very little about Pence’s opinions. Pressed recently by CBS’ Lesley Stahl about how he can be openly critical of the Iraq War while his VP was definitively in favor of it, Trump shot back, “I don’t care.”


To conclude: we have no idea what Trump’s policy position is with regards to marijuana legalization.