An interesting story found in the news today. Marijuana saves an economy.

Anthony Mattie walks down Main Street confronted by a shell of the town he once knew.

The retired state patrolman-turned-mayor pro tem stares at vacant building after building, his reflection bouncing off the empty glass storefront windows. The streets are lined with century-old facades, but not much more, except for a few cars slowly passing by.

Still, Mattie maintains a sparkle in his eye and a boyish grin as he shares the plan to bring his town back to life — thanks to marijuana money.

“The abandoned Pepsi plant became a marijuana dispensary. People resurrected these buildings that were about to fall and collapse,” he says.

It’s in large part thanks to at least $800,000 in marijuana tax revenue.

The green rush is bringing hope back to this once-booming coal mining town in rural southeast Colorado, just 11 miles from the New Mexico border, where generations of Mattie’s family have lived. Residents pride themselves on the town’s pioneer reputation and Wild West spirit. Stay tuned for a Marijuana Podcast on this story.


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