Here is an awesome, short video that tells you everything you need to know about the anatomy of the cannabis plant. They tell us 6 quick facts to get a basic understanding. Here’s what we took away from it:

1.Male vs. Female

You are smoking the female plants that produce the large, cannabinoid-filled flowers or buds, with no seeds – whereas the males only produce smaller spheres.

2. Stems vs. Nodes

The cannabis plant itself grows on long, thin stems. But those large leaves that give the cannabis plant its unique look, extend from what are called “nodes.”

3. What are Colas?

ThisĀ is the bud site, where the female flowers bloom. The main cola can be found at the top, but several other colas can be found at other budding sites. You can increase the number of colas through a variety of growing techniques.

4. What are Calyxes?

To the naked eye it looks like a bud is just a bunch of leaves and plant stuff that’s intertwined. But underneath those tiny leaves, you will find tear-shaped nodules – these are the calyxes that actually make up the female flower.

These calyxes are also the ones responsible for secreting the THC that the cannabis plant is notorious for.

5. What are Pistils?

These are what are otherwise known as the tiny, orange hairs. Their actual purpose is to collect the pollen from male plants, so they don’t really play a role in the potency of the plant.

6. What are Trichomes?

This is the crystal resin (also called kief – when dry) you see on the outside, that are secreted from translucent, mushroom-shaped glands. They were originally developed by the plant to protect themselves from being eaten.

What’s so cool about these is that the actually ooze therapeutic cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. Therefore, the trichomes help determine the potency of the plant.