23 people lose their lives to heroine every week in Ohio, making them desperate to find a solution to the heroine epidemic that is sweeping the nation.

Addiction help centers are simply not enough. In fact, one man even overdosed in the parking lot of a counseling center, where he was about to enter to get help. They are so desperate to find a solution, and are open to the idea of a solution involving medical marijuana.

Some addiction specialists, like the man in this video worry about trading one addiction for another. He says he is not yet willing to use marijuana as an antidote. He refers to the “Colorado experiment,” and says that Colorado has seen a rise in marijuana addiction treatment since it has become legal.

But other scientists and medical professionals argue that marijuana is undoubtedly the lesser of two evils. Heroine kills and marijuana does not. According to Kevin Hill of Harvard Medical School conclude that cannabis is a much better alternative. In this new special, he quotes a study that shows a 25% drop in opioid related deaths in states that legalized medical marijuana.

While neither side has officially “won,” they can both agree that if this solution was implemented, the key to it’s success would be regulation.