A new investigation has recently found that some of the nations biggest name Universities have been easing penalties for athletes for┬ápositive drug tests. Since there isn’t a completely standard penalty among schools for marijuana use, big name football schools are beginning to do just a little less than their rivals to keep their talent on the field.

Just a few years ago, penalties for big teams for marijuana use included dismissal, indefinite suspension or half season suspension. Now, those penalties have turned into either twenty percent suspension, counseling or no mandatory suspensions at all.

Professionals are worried that this leeway with penalties may not be the right move considering the fact that the marijuana these kids are smoking today can be up to twenty percent stronger than that of their parents day. Some say these schools are bending the rules to fit their needs rather than using penalties as a form of prevention and awareness.

With a dramatic increase of marijuana use between college students as well as the growing legality of the drug, it will be interesting to pay attention to what happens with NCAA wide regulations around marijuana use.