While even the Governor of Colorado is beginning to accept and support marijuana legalization, not everyone does. There are some advocating for scaling back Colorado’s marijuana industry – and they’re gotten the green light to put their issues before voters in the fall.

The Colorado Supreme Court gave the go-ahead last Thursday to supporters who want to put an initiative on the November ballot; it would impose potency caps and packaging restrictions on a variety of marijuana products.

The proposed measure would ban all marijuana products with THC potency of more than 16% – making products such as vape pens and even some edibles illegal. Additionally, it would regulate concentrates and many edibles manufacturers, thus running them out of business. It would even make the vast majority of flower illegal.

And this proposed law would not just apply to recreational products – it would apply to medical cannabis in Colorado as well.

Thus, if voters were to approve the measure (although many in the industry consider unlikely),  it would make 80% of cannabis products currently on the Colorado market illegal.

So Can This Happen?

Maybe. But that said, these supporters would need to gather a minimum of 98,000 signatures by August 8th, in order to make the November ballot. At this early stage, it is unclear as to whether or not they have the finances and manpower to meet this threshold.