Marijuana use is starting to become the norm, whether it be recreational or medicinal. Multiple states across the nation have either passed laws or are planning to pass a number of laws in the coming year that legalize marijuana in some form. Some of these laws, however, want nothing to do with the actual flower. What does this mean? Some laws prohibit the actual smoking of the flower, but allow other forms such as edibles, THC pills and vaporizers.

All forms of vaporizers have become extremely popular in the last few years, and with marijuana legalization taking off, vaporizers that use weed are attracting a ton of attention.

Many people turn to vaporizers because smoking out of a bong or a pipe often sounds harsher than smoking out of a nice looking pen.

But this raises the question….Is vaping really better for you than smoking weed?

Similar to e-cigarettes, weed vaporizers are in fact seen to be better for your health than smoking the marijuana itself.

Smoking can cause a whole list of irritations to the lungs and studies found that marijuana users inhaled fewer toxic compounds and carbon monoxide with vaping rather than smoking.

However, one of the biggest problems with marijuana vaporizers is it can often be hard to determine how much THC you are actually getting. If not properly educated on how much to use, one can easily become sick from the potency of the drug.

After looking at both sides of the issue, multiple studies have determined that weed vaporizers are in fact better for your health. Will different states begin taking this into account while passing these coming laws? We can only wait and see.

Watch the video below to learn more about the science behind the vaporizer.