Marijuana legalization is spreading across the globe and moving at a rapid pace. As of now in the U.S, twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. With this number expected to grow in the coming years, we can only ask one question…what does the future look like for weed?


Taxes have the potential to bring in huge amounts of money in the coming years and some are predicting legal marijuana to grow into a $40 Billion a year industry if growth continues at this rate. There is also speculation that marijuana legalization could cut the Mexican drug cartel business by up to 30%.

One factor that is making this market so lucrative is the possibilities it brings with it. It goes beyond the possibilities of sales for recreational and medicinal marijuana; there are now cannabis infused drinks, lubes, edibles, vaporizers, and a number of other products on the market.

The Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things and technology booming, apps are creating a huge space for themselves in the marijuana industry. There are now apps that allow users to connect with dispensaries, that can recommend medical marijuana strands to patients, and that can actually deliver marijuana straight to your door.


The future of weed also sees even more uses for medicinal marijuana to treat diseases and conditions. A number of other applications could be discovered once more research is done.

Still confused? This video explains all you need to know about the future of weed with none other than weed itself.