In a recent marijuana podcast, an expert grower talks about what a MIP (Marijuana Infused Product) is when talking about marijuana.

Marijuana has long been infused into various edibles such as brownies and cookies, but now we are beginning to see many other edibles such as honey, pop rocks, taffy, gummy bears, etc. Vape pens are now even seeing flavored vapors, such as “strawberry cheesecake”.

Like any other substance, these edibles need to monitored and child proofed before hitting retail stores, as a child may easily confuse a regular gummy bear with a gummy bear infused with THC.

Many people are worried about edibles because of the uncertainty of the dosage, but a number of technologies are coming out as we speak to monitor these dosages.

The industry is quickly moving toward smaller a smaller dosage, but education is going to play a critical role in gaining future consumers.

Listen to the full podcast here.