Hugh Hempel, from the Ted Talk below, is among a number of parents battling to find a treatment for their children with various disorders. Like these other parents, Hugh has turned to a marijuana oil, called CBD, to help reduce the severity and longevity of his daughters seizures, caused by the rare disorder Niemann-Pick, type C.

The cannabis plant was used as early as 2900 BC in China for medicinal purposes. In America, for a century in the 1800’s, we were using cannabis to treat a number of afflictions.

In the early 1900’s, cannabis was prohibited and the war on drugs began. It is only recently that parents across the U.S have been able to access CBD in certain states to use for medicinal purposes.

Although he points out that the cannabis oil is not the one-stop cure for his daughters disorder, Hugh focuses on the benefits of the drug. He concentrates on how it reduces the longevity of seizures, reduces the intensity of them, and reduces the amount of complimentary drugs needed, allowing for an overall more clear and energetic mind.

As cannabis research continues and state and federal laws change, parents like Hugh hope to see the benefits of medicinal cannabis flourish.