Known or not, the next president of the United States will have a huge impact on the future of marijuana. Currently, the Obama Administration has declined to interfere with legalization at the state level, but with a new administration, this could soon change.

Current presidential candidates have views all across the map in regards to what action they would take with marijuana. Some would never dream of legalizing the drug, while others are planning to do so almost immediately once in office.

A middle ground that many candidates seem to be taking involves sitting similar to where we are now and letting individual states dictate their own laws without interfering at a high level.

Almost half of the U.S states have marijuana legalized in some form, and we can expect this number to rise drastically in the coming year.

Although some states, like Colorado, may have very open laws regarding both recreational and medicinal marijuana, the federal illegality of the drug still puts a roadblock in the way for businesses in the industry.

Although some think things would stay the same, making marijuana a federally legal drug would change the game completely.

We could expect to see much of the harvesting and cultivation of the plant go oversees, an overall decrease in prisoners in the U.S, and a much more simple entry point into the industry creating an influx of businesses.

Since each candidate has a different view on the issue, many facts are up in the air, but one thing is certain: the marijuana industry will continue to grow until at least November, 2016.