The federal government has decided that they will not interfere with states who want to legalize marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use. This is an amazing development in marijuana legislation, raising the question, will recreational pot keep growing in legality where it soon will be legal just about everywhere?

More and more research is being done, predominantly showing that marijuana use is far less dangerous than other drugs that are fully legal. Individual states are using this research combined with the possibilities of monetary benefit from legalizing the drug, and slowly joining the legal club.

Pot is expected to be on the ballot for about a half a dozen states in the coming November elections. Many people are believing that a majority of these states will end up legalizing the drug after the ballots pass.

Although many presidential candidates may not necessarily want to legalize marijuana on a federal level, they believe that is should be left up to the states. This decision has already seen rapid growth in state legalization, and is expected to see even more.