It’s not just the Marleys and Snoop Dogg that are jumping into this new industry; now famous women are entering the scene too. Whoopi Goldberg has co-founded a medical marijuana company called the “Whoopi and Maya Brand.” The products they will carry are: a balm, a tincture, sipping chocolate, and a bath soak.

Whoopi makes a good point: with women being 50% of the population, they also have the potential to be 50% of the market. And it is argued that this is a growing market, hence why many dispensaries are trying to carry more female-friendly strains of cannabis.

Another advantage to turning towards women in this industry, is they all experience some pain on a monthly basis. Whoopi does not hesitate in saying that her goal for the company and for the products is to reduce and relieve the pain of cramps from periods.

The brand, at this time, will only be available to medical marijuana patients in the state of California, one of the largest marijuana marketplaces. However, we may see the marijuana space, on a national level, changing soon; as early as this summer, when the classification of marijuana as a Schedule I substance will be reviewed

You can read more about Whoopi’s medical product line from this USA Today article and video, or this blog by Marijuana Insight.